Christ vs. War

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Christ says, “Love your enemies”;
War says, “Hate them.”

Christ says, “Bless them who curse you”;
War says, “Curse them that curse you.”

Christ says, “Do good to them”;
War says, “Do them harm.”

Christ says, “Pray for them”;
War says, “Slay them.”

Christ says, “I am not come to destroy men’s lives, but to save them”;
War says, “I am come to destroy men’s lives.”

Paul says, “Overcome evil with good”;
War says, “Overcome evil with evil.”

Paul says, “If your enemy hungers, feed him”;
War says, “Starve him.”

Paul says, “If he thirsts, give him drink”;
War says, “Destroy his wells.”

Paul says, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”;
War says, “We do wrestle against flesh and blood.”

Daniel Vaniman (1835-1903)
Christ and War
Brethren Publishing House (1900)
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