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Understanding the Muslim Contempt

January 15, 2010

Historically, the most prominent of church-ordained “just wars” were the crusades of 1095-1291 C.E. The Roman Catholic Church has not given any apology or expression of remorse for the crusades; they are still considered to be just wars. Using “crusade” terminology today shows an utter disregard for the atrocities committed during the crusades and a lack of understanding of the Muslim contempt for “Christian” nations, which became ingrained because of those atrocities. Many historians even take the position that the Crusades actually helped Islam become a viable religion in the Middle East by uniting Muslims against a common enemy.

Heads of state with heavy Christian populations have used the rhetoric of “just war” since the term was first used in order to gain favor for military operations. Once a war is declared “just” all moral obligation seemingly disappears and Christians can support and even become combatants for the cause.

The Middle East harbors grudges against Christians and Jews which date back to the Crusades. Our wars have created a gap which only the grace of God can bridge. While we may be able to free some Muslims from tyrannical regimes, this good does not counteract the evils and hatred we spawn from our military activities there.

Bill Petri
War and Grace (2006)


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